Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Thank you to all Veterans

To my men who bear arms for our country ... many thanks to you on Veterans Day. Even today you are working hard to keep us safe from the evil bastards out there!

People today are so self-centered that soldiers are very rarely thought of. Instead, we have 1/2 off sales at department stores, offering people deals on things that have nothing to do with appreciating our veterans. Apparently there is a segment of the population who feels that bargain prices on retarded crap is more important than teaching our children the importance of respecting our men and women in uniform.

Well, I want you to know that D&S Girl hasn't forgotten you. There are a few of us decent Americans left  who have respect for the troops. You are the heart and soul of our country, but yet so few stop and give a simple "thank-you" to show their gratitude for the freedoms you have given us.

I thank you  every day I wake up a free woman. I thank you for putting your lives at risk for all of us, so we can pursue our dreams and live our lives in peace and beauty should we choose. I am forced to recognize the price for my dalliances, the price for my happiness, the cost for my unrealized potential, and the terrible thing that is traded for my love and my friendships in a world where I can be anything I choose to be.

I know that price, that cost, that trade. I've always known it: Your life for mine.

If you die for me, I will carry you in my heart, where you may still live. If you return battered and scarred and disabled, I will look for you and see as we look into each other's eyes that truth ... your life, your loves, your body and mind and soul, all traded away - ripped away from you - so that I could carry on day to day.

Remember us - the people who love you. Remember and never feel alone.
And when your job is done - and you return to all of us, we will be waiting at the end of that long journey, to welcome you back and remind our fellow countrymen who failed to keep watch while you were gone of the one important thing. Instead of criticizing and complaining and proclaiming things they do not and will not ever have the experience or understand themselves, they can get to work getting the word out .... that you have saved us.

How many times?


NOTE: A new photo shoot with D&S Girl will be posted on this blog very soon. Keep your eyes on this space - and on  ......  we make gear for legends.

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